EOH 1.0. Reduced to the maximum.
Our storage solution for maritime applications.

Modular design, minimal space requirements with the highest energy density, reliable and safe operation, efficient performance – the EOH 1.0 lithium-ion storage system makes a compelling partner across the board, in every area of application in the maritime industry. The focal areas for development were maximum economic efficiency and minimum installation and maintenance effort.

Save costs, time and emissions with the EOH 1.0 and come with us into the future.

All the features of the EOH 1.0

Certified products according to DNV certificate number TAE00004CF

Highest energy density (222 WH/l)
With an energy density 2.5 times higher than the market standard, the EOH 1.0 offers maximum power in the smallest space.

10-year capacity guarantee / 5-year system guarantee
We don’t just promise top performance, we guarantee it. So that you can invest safely.

Modular design
The design of the EOH 1.0 means you can not only adapt it to the conditions of your ship, it also allows flexible expansion even after years of use.

Easy installation and maintenance
The EOH 1.0 is extremely low maintenance. But if you do need to make adjustments, the front cabling ensures optimum accessibility during installation and unrestricted work even in confined spaces.

Prismatic high-performance cells
We only use safe, long-life, high-performance prismatic lithium LFP cells in the EOH 1.0.

Guaranteed temperature range from -20 degrees to +50 degrees
The extensive temperature range of the EOH 1.0 guarantees usage under a wide range of conditions.


Integrated fire extinguishing system
If necessary, the integrated fire extinguishing system is activated automatically. For this purpose, a mixed gas is generated which inhibits the combustion reaction.

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